Energy modelling

We have extensive expertise in macro energy systems modelling. We can support on every step of the model lifecycle.

Efficient workflows

Efficient and reproducible workflows are very important for success of any energy model. We can advise on open source tools that achieve just that.

Stakeholder engagement

Disseminating energy modelling outcomes is not an easy task. We can support stakeholder engagement using modern web technologies.

Need support in energy modelling? We are here to help.

We can provide advice on model design, model development and model deployment. Need a model extension or an upgrade? We can advise on that, too.


Open source tools are so many. How do I choose?

When advising on open source tools we put ourselves in our customer's shoes. Existing competencies within the team, institutional requirements to the technology stack, as well as technology development trends are some of the criteria we look at.


User experience. In focus.

Energy modelling outcomes tend to be difficult to disseminate effectively. We develop open source solutions using modern web technologies that allow you to engage with your stakeholders when they have time. Whichever device they choose.